15.12.2017 Helsinki (FIN), Black box, Music centre

Christian Wolff: Microexercises


9.12.2017 Copenhagen (DK), RDAM



- solo

- chamber music with Kalle Hakosalo (Duo km²)

5.12-10.12.2017 Copenhagen (DK), RDAM

Recording with percussion

17.11.2017 Helsinki (FIN), Black box, Music centre

Video concert (Vilnius, Copenhagen and Helsinki)

3.11.2017 Helsinki (FIN), Camerata, Music centre

Nyky ensemble, Korvat auki 40 years


15.-23.7.2017 Basel (CH), Strasbourg, Rosheim (FR)

Concerts: solo, duo with percussions, ensemble

17.5.2017 Helsinki (FIN), Camerata, Music centre

Sibelius academy chamber music exaimination matinee

- duo with viola


28.4.2017 Helsinki (FIN), Suomenlinna church

Korvat auki spring concert

- duo for accordions, M.Laine (WP)

23.4.2017 Helsinki (FIN), Space for free arts

Dream chanting

- solo works by U.Pompe and U.Rojko (CP)

7.4.2017 Lappeenranta (FIN)

"Minä soitan harmonikkaa... " competition

- jury member

4.4.2017 Helsinki (FIN), Ackte hall


- solo

23.3.2017 Ljubljana (SLO), Krizanke hall

Concert (GM Stage, Jeuness musicale Slovenia)

- duo with viola

22.3.2017 Celje (SLO), Celjski dom

Concert (GM Stage, Jeuness musicale Slovenia)

- duo with viola

20.3.2017 Kranj (SLO), Music school

Concert (GM Stage, Jeuness musicale Slovenia)

- duo with viola

- http://www.glasbenamladina.si/?p=2674

- WP

16.3.2017 Helsinki (FIN), Ackte hall

Student concert

- solo

20.2.2017 Helsinki (FIN), Wegelius hall


- solo

8.2.2017 Helsinki (FIN), Camerata, Music centre

Student matinee concert

2.2.2017 Helsinki (FIN), Wegelus hall

Student concert