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Manca Dornik (17.12.1995)

has after finishing lower music school in Mengeš continued her music path at the Conservatory for Music and Ballet Ljubljana - firstly with prof. Ernö Sebastian and then with prof.Klemen Leben. She has taken several masterclasses with renowed accordionists, such as, Geir Draugsvoll, Stefan Hussong, Mie Miki,Teodoro Anzelotti, Janne Rättyä, Vincent Lhermet, Marie-Andrée Joerger, Vladimir Blagojevič, Roman Pechmann and many others. She performed on several performances in Slovenia, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Finland and as well participated at many international competitions where she won several first and second places and prizes; Pula, EURITMIA, Temsig, Svirel, Tomaž Holmar, Arrasate Hiria etc. Among many competitions is the most remarkable  ONE® Young Artist Competition where she has performed a Slovenian piece Colour Reflexions (2000), composed by Vitja Avsec, with En Shao and RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra. With this music for orchestra and accordion has she won the first prize and special honours from jury and as well composer. She has already played as soloist with many orchestras; Jeaner Philharmonie, RTV Slovenia Symphony orchestra, Filharmonia Śląska im. Henryka Mikołaja Góreckiego, Slovak Sinfonietta Žilina, Symphony orchestra of Conservatory for Music and Ballet Ljubljana etc. She has collaborated with many conductors; Marc Tardue, Slaven Kulenovič, Yi-Chen Lin, En Shao, Robert Kabara, Lukaš Pohunek. In year 2015 she recieved the highest prize for students called Prešeren award for all her musical activities. She is active performer with chamber music and has given many performances and recordings on important festivals for music such as, Imago Sloveniae,  Jeunesses Musicales Slovenia, Jeunesses Musicales Ljubljana, Sibelius academy chamber music weeks, Camerata Music centre performances Helsinki, Linea concerts in Strasbourg, Darmstadter Ferienkurse ...


After studies in Slovenia she decided to continue her path in one of the world most prominent music academy. Currently she is studying in class of prof.Matti Rantanen on Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. She has finished Bachelor degree in May 2018 with concert Light&darkness, featuring large scale work by Kalevi Aho, new chamber music work, honours from jury and as well audience. She studies also with Veli Kujala, Mika Väyrynen and cellist Juho Laitinen. She studies also composition with Tapio Tuomela and orchestral conducting with Olli Vartainen.

Manca is active performer on concerts in Helsinki as soloist and as well in different chamber groups, focusing on contemporary music, including viola, cello, piano, accordion, flute, violin etc.  She collaborates intensively with composers and has recorded many new music. In addition she also participated as performer in Korvat auki concert.

Manca is also performer of Nyky ensemble of Sibelius Academy, ensemble UMUU, duo km² (with Kalle Hakosalo) and member of group Performance practice in contemporary music.


She is also a scholarship holder of the Ministry of culture Slovenia. Her recent success was receiving Stipendiumpreis in Darmstadt and invitation for ensemble in residency witk km2 (Kalle Hakosalo).

More detailed CV and references can be given on request.

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